Eye-Catching Area Rugs in Pickering, ON

Carpet-Towne Flooring Centre has delivered outstanding customer service and superior products since 1978. We are fortunate to have a client base that returns to us based on word-of-mouth. No matter what you need, you can count on our friendly sales team to lead you in the right direction. Area rugs are no different. We can discuss styles, colours, textures, and even care and maintenance with you, helping you to come to the best decision for your home. At our company, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality artistry, and we’re thrilled to offer it to you in the form of a new area rug.

The Benefits of Area Rugs for Your Home

Area rugs are common additions to hard flooring surfaces such as wood, laminate, or tile. You can lay them over carpeting too. They have remained timeless through the ages because they serve multiple purposes, even as the design styles change. Perhaps the most significant benefit of purchasing an area rug is aesthetics. You can use it to compliment the artwork and the paint in your living room. Area rugs can contrast with furniture in visually appealing ways. They are genuinely versatile additions to your home. But the benefits of an area rug extend far beyond looks. Some other advantages include:

  • Noise Reduction: If your floors are a hard surface – such as wood or tile – footsteps reverberate throughout the home. Area rugs mute some of that noise and cut down on noise throughout the rest of the house.
  • Comfort: Not only does an area rug make your home look better, but it is also more comfortable to walk on than hardwood floors. Placing one under a coffee table in the living room will provide you and your guests with a comfortable place to rest your feet.
  • Warmth: Not only is an area rug going to add comfort to your home, but it will also provide a warm walking surface. During the winter, your floors – especially tile – can get pretty cold. Place an area rug in a strategic place and take advantage of this benefit.

Visit Our Showroom Today For Expert Advice

Believe it or not, there is more to choosing an area rug than coming to Carpet-Towne Flooring Centre and picking the first thing you desire. You need to consider size first, ensuring that the rug you choose is not too big or small for the room in question. But colour and design style is also important. Your choice should reflect other elements in your house, such as artwork or the colour of the paint. That’s where we come in. We will ask crucial questions and get a sense of what you are looking for to lead you in the right direction.